Frequently Asked Questions

Is This Legal?

Absolutley! Grass + Grain is based in Ontario, Canada, where growing, consuming, and possessing cannabis is 100% legal! You are legally allowed to grow up to 4 (four) cannabis plants per household in Ontario. Moreover, we are simply selling a cabinet to grow plants - not necessarily cannabis. Technically we are legally able to sell these worldwide. Who’s to say you weren’t planning on growing basil!? That said, at the moment, we are only selling and shipping within Ontario.

How Many Plants can I Grow?

How many plants is entirely up to you. Our single door cabinets are designed to grow one plant, and our double door cabinets are designed to grow two plants. With are uniquely designed airflow, our cabinets are modular and can be lined up without issue. Some of our customers have 4 single cabinets lined up along a wall to grow 4x different plants separately. Some customers have two double door cabinets. There is even the possibility of growing up to four plants in the double door, and three plants in the single. However, doing so will be a deviation from our growing program, and won’t be covered by our support services. 

What Can I Expect to Yield Per Plant?

Expect to yield between 2-3 oz per plant, per grow. That’s between 60-80 grams on average. This is highly dependent on the strain, and the grower. Our smallest yields are typically around 40 grams, and the largest reporting around 120 grams. Keep in mind, these are fully dried weights. Be wary of other grow boxes reporting huge yields – they often skew these number by measuring wet weights, or freshly harvested weights. Our numbers are fully dried and cured, consumable flowers. These weights are per plant, per grow. Remember, you can grow up to four plants, up to four times per year. 

Can I Really Save Money Growing my Own?

Absolutely. You can save A LOT of money if you are a regular consumer. Let’s say we average 60 grams per plant per grow. We grow a single plant, with three lifecycles over the year. That’s a total of 180 grams for the year. With the average price of cannabis in Ontario roughly $10 per gram, we’ve grown the equivalent of $1,800 worth of marijuana in one year, in one single door cabinet. You’ve already paid off your cabinet in less than one year. That equates to roughly 3.5 grams per week of consumption. Smoke more than that? Grow more. The more you grow, the more you save.

How Long Is A Grow Cycle?

Assuming you follow our growing program, our seed to harvest time is 3-months, or 12 weeks long. Some growers elect to extend the vegetative or flowering phase, but each grow should not exceed 16 weeks.

Do I need to use the Grass & Grain Grow Kits?

Short answer: no. However, our Grow Kits are the result of years of research and development and designed precisely to work with our cabinets. We offer full customer support if you use our grow kits and follow our growing program. That said, our cabinets are simply a growing tool, and it is possible to use other soils, nutrients, or even install a hydroponic system in them. However, if you elect to use other third-party accessories, we cannot provide customer support. There are simply too many unknown variables if you stray from the growing program.

Why Don’t You Offer Hydroponics?

Our mission with Grass & Grain is to make growing cannabis easy and accessible for anyone to grow their own. After years of research & development and growing with different techniques, we believe we have developed the simplest, most efficient, and most effective method of growing high-quality cannabis, consistently and effortlessly. Our growing program is very forgiving to newbie growers. We are well aware there are other methods (like hydroponics) to grow slightly faster, or yield a slightly larger crop – we’ve done so ourselves – but our program is built for the everyday hobbyist grower to consistently and easily grow great bud.

Is There any Smell?

This is a tough question to answer with true clarity. If you upgrade to our air-filtering carbon scrubbers, you are getting best-in-industry, technically-stated 100% odour elimination – just like the other guys who claim 100% odour-free. It’s the exact same technology. That said, we struggle with telling our customers (even with the upgraded scrubber), that your grow will be 100% odour free. Every grower needs to understand that during flowering when the odour is strongest, every time you open the door to water you release smell. Every time you open the door to look at your plants and show them off, you will release smell. When you leaf tuck, defoliate, and harvest, you will release smell. These aromas can linger. Even with our complete odour eliminator, you will have a bit of odour every time you open the door. We don’t agree with other companies telling their customers that their boxes are 100% odour-free. We don’t believe that is an honest or possible statement. A little aroma goes with the territory. Keep in mind cannabis plants really only release aromas during the final flowering phase. During the first 2/3 of the lifecycle, there are little to no aromas. If you upgrade to our carbon scrubbers you will eliminate as much odour as physically possible.

Can I Grow from Clone or Seed?

We recommend only growing from a seed. Starting from a seed will help develop the strongest root system and set you up for the highest chance of success. Starting from a seed is detailed in our growing program and supported by our customer service team. Growing from a clone is definitely possible in our cabinets, but because of the number of variables involved, we cannot provide customer support if you choose to grow from a clone.

What’s Included?

Everything you need to grow! Our cabinets include absolutely everything you need to grow top quality cannabis for your first grow. All you need is a seed and water. For subsequent grows, we offer our curated grow kits which include the coco coir, perlite, fabric bags, nutrients, and rapid rooter for each grow. These can be purchased and hipped to your door every 3-months to keep you growing.

What is the Size of the Cabinets?

Single Door Cabinet Dimensions: 20” (width) x 20” (depth) x 66” (height). 

Double Door Cabinet Dimensions: 30” (width) x 20” (depth) x 66” (height).

What is the Electricity Cost of Running the Cabinets?

On average, our cabinets consume 60-80 kWh/month, which equates roughly to running an average refrigerator. The average cost is $5-10 per month, depending on your municipality, and whether you schedule your light to run on/off peak hours. A good expectation is to assume an average of $7 per month.

Do the Cabinets come with a Warranty?

The cabinets themselves do not come with a warranty. They are simply housing for the technical components. There should never be an issue with the foundation of your cabinet. Most of the technical components come with a manufacturer’s warranty for 12 months. If you have issues with the LED or ventilation in the first year, we can replace those parts through the manufacturers warranty. Beyond the first year, we can replace parts at cost.

What’s Your Return Policy?

We do not accept returns. Due to the nature of the product, and the fact that you are growing living organisms, we are unable to accept returns. It is a sanitation and safety issue.

What are my Expectations as the Grower?

What you’ll be expected to do:

  • Mix your growing medium (yes, you will have to get your hands dirty)
  • Check your water pH and adjust if necessary (test kits provided)
  • Mix your own nutrient-water solution: nutrients and guidelines are provided
  • Water your plant every other day
  • Defoliate twice a lifecycle by following the guidelines
  • Trim, dry and cure your cannabis when it’s time to harvest 

 Expected time commitments:

  • Approximately one-hour initial set up and plant prep time
  • 10-minute feeding and monitoring, 3-4x times per week = 30 minutes per week
  • 2x half-hour defoliation sessions during early flowering
  • 1-2 hours final trim 

 In total, the time requirement to grow a marijuana plant is on average 30 minutes per week, and 6-8 hours total over the entire 3-month growing cycle.

I have Children, are the Cabinets Lockable?

Absolutely. Every cabinet comes standard with a lock, and two keys. Just don't lose the keys. We don't keep backups!

Where Should I put my Cabinet?

That is totally up to you! Our cabinets are designed to be proudly displayed anywhere in your home. We like to keep ours right in the living room. In terms of noise, the cabinets run very quiet - approximately 25 dBA when closed and locked – about the same amount of noise as a house fan. Some of our growers put theirs right beside their bed! But it really depends how comfortable you are with some light ambient noise, and where you think it looks best! Consider where you want to put it before you design your build. Treat our cabinets like a piece of furniture you will keep for a lifetime!  

How do I get seeds?

Unfortunately at this point in time, we are not licensed to sell seeds or seedlings to our customers. Trust us, we intend to one day, but until then we have compiled a list of some of our favourite seeds and where to get them. See our tutorial on how to select strains and procure seeds HERE.

Can I grow other plants in these cabinets?

Absolutely. You can grow basil, tomatoes, peppers, whatever your heart desires! We sure have! Make sure to do some research into light cycles, nutrients, and watering for whatever you intend to grow. Our customer support only pertains to growing cannabis with our prescribed growing program. 

How do I get my Cabinets? (shipping / pickup / cost)

We offer in-home delivery and setup with one of our trained Grass + Grain representatives for most of Southwestern Ontario. Our team will deliver, setup, and walk you through everything you need to know to get started. In-home delivery and setup is available for $150 in Toronto, $200 in the GTA, and $250 for selected areas surrounding the GTA. As we expand, we plan to offer delivery across Canada. One day soon. Pickup and Delivery details can be found here.

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