Our complete Seed-to-Harvest Cabinet Systems incorporate the latest cultivation technology inside of a beautiful, handmade piece of furniture. Our cabinets are completely customizable and built to order at our showroom in Ontario.

We provide you with everything you need to easily grow safe, high-quality cannabis at home.

Want to discover the cabinets in more detail? Download the following PDF to learn about our cabinets in more detail. We cover all components, technical specifications, and all customizable options


 Want to learn more about the growing program? Download the following PDF to learn what your expectations are as the grower, our grow kits, the growing medium, and cannabis plant nutrition. 


Our cabinets and grow kits are just the beginning. We offer full training manuals, videos, Seed-to-Harvest weekly guideline, and customer service. We are a team of passionate growers who will go above and beyond to ensure you grow the best cannabis possible. 


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