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Grass + Grain Co. was founded on the belief that anyone who consumes cannabis should proudly grow their own.


We Design & Build Elegant, Functional and Customizable Growing Cabinets

"We believe growing cannabis should not be hidden in a basement or closet, but that it should be integrated beautifully in one's living space"

Discover the Cabinets

Handmade in Ontario

We build every cabinet, by hand, to order. Our unique, modular design allows each piece to be customized both technically and aesthetically. Our complete seed to harvest systems incorporate the latest cultivation technology inside of a beautiful, handmade piece of furniture. We provide you with everything you need to grow top-quality cannabis.


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Single Door Grow Cabinets

Double Door Grow Cabinets

Grow With Us

We're all in this together. We offer full customer support, instructional videos, materials, and everything you need to grow. More importantly, we're bringing together a community of engaged, like-minded growers, one tree at a time. 

"We believe that cannabis should not be grown by an app on your computer or phone, but that one should get their hand's dirty."



Every Time You Grow A Tree, So Do We.

We've committed to planting a tree each time one of our customers grow and harvest a cannabis plant. Simply tag us on social with your harvest, and we plant a tree. Every. Single. Time.

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